For many years I have had a passionate interest in music predominantly focusing on playing guitar in various bands recording and playing live. This interest led me to embark on a degree course in Music Technology at Staffordshire University which I really enjoyed graduating with first class honours. Over the duration of the course, which included a placement year working in a professional recording studio, I have become increasingly interested in both the practical and technical aspects of audio production. I intend to further develop my skills and understanding by completing an MSc in Audio Production at Salford University and intend to pursue a long term career in the media industry.

Within my degree course I have explored a wide range of mixing and production techniques and learnt how these techniques are applied using different digital audio workstations in order to create a high quality audio recording for stereo or surround sound playback. During this time I have become competent with a wide range of industry standard hardware and software solutions and have used these skills to run recording sessions for musicians performing all tasks required in the recording and mixing processes from planning the live room to mastering the final mixdowns for the client. A wide range of topics were covered during the course including fundamental audio principles, performance and control room acoustics, audio signal processing and the business aspects of the music industry.

Throughout my industry placement year I worked on a wide range of short and long term projects of different musical genres. After initially participating and gaining experience I ran recording sessions using a hybrid analogue/digital studio architecture for many bands and artists in the North West. My role at the studio was that of an audio engineer operating the mixing desk and digital audio workstation through the tracking, processing, editing, mixing and mastering process. Other duties involved microphone choice and placement, the application of effects using various plug-ins and outboard gear and configuring and maintaining the studio’s hardware and software.

During my placement year I became increasingly more interested to discover if there really were any significant differences between digital and analogue audio processing. This became the subject of my final year dissertation project which aimed to conclude if digital software plugins can successfully recreate the sound of an analogue mixing console through technical testing and primary and secondary research avenues. The project was successful and resulted in some interesting conclusions.

I enjoy playing various instruments including electric guitar, bass and keyboards and I compose music of a wide variety of genres with other musicians which I record with a home studio set-up. I am also computer literate and have used my skills in this area for building, repairing and maintaining the hardware and software aspects of computer systems. In my spare time I enjoy going to watch any form of live music, drinking at the pub, going to music festivals in the UK and abroad and socialising with friends and family.


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