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Music in Manchester!

Marley Chingus @ Matt and Phreds

Marley Chingus performing at Matt and Phreds

In this week’s blog post I will be musing over my first couple of months living in the city of Manchester and the some of the projects I’m currently working on towards gaining my Audio Production MSc. One of the best things about living in a city that I’ve found so far has been the variety of gigs and nights out I’ve been able to attend since moving here. Ranging from amazing jazz and soul bands at Matt and Phreds and the Ram and Shackle to the raw blues of Seasick Steve (with none of other than John Paul Jones on bass!) and awesome club nights like Audiofarm at Sound Control which showcases some of the best electronic music around I’ve definitely been spoilt for choice when it comes to live music. I can’t wait to get my own band formed here in Manchester and start gigging again. I’ve recently begun writing, jamming and recording with two of my close friends (a fantastic guitarist/keys player and a female singer) so we just need to find a groovy bassist and drummer to form the rhythm section.

Studio D - The new home!

I’m starting to feel a lot more settled here now that I know my way around the area a bit better and have got used to universities recording studios- being a massive Protools fan studio D is definitely my favourite! I’ve been primarily working on the Bob Marley dub remix for the ‘Digital Studio Production’ module. This has been an interesting experience as it isn’t a genre of music I’ve worked with before and learning the different production techniques the pioneers of dub used back in the day has been fascinating. I have also been working on a new mix of a jazz/orchestral soundtrack style track I recorded and engineered on for a friend’s final year music degree dissertation (Please see embedded soundcloud below for the old mix). It is hard to ever be completely satisfied with a final mixdown when working in the digital domain as modern DAWs allow you to constantly tweak mix settings until the end of time. The finality of recording a mix using an analogue console and outboard gear definitely has something going for it as the final mix usually is the final mix!

Work wise everything seems to have stepped up a gear over the last couple of weeks with primary research to be performed for a Wav vs MP3 perceptual codec test along with a synthesised soundtrack for a video promoting MediaCityUK to compose, program and synchronise. With a major recording project with a local band coming up and the social media project it’s definitely going to be busy times till Christmas! I’m hoping to combine various forms of social networking (youtube, twitter, facebook e.t.c) for the social media project and possibly create myself a website using this wordpress blog as a template. The project will primarily focus on soundcloud integration and online music promotion.